One-stop homepage for all my current projects?
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I'm looking for an application or web page that I can use as a start page when I get to work in the morning. Ideally, it should have current projects, documenation, links, etc. What would this "something" be called and does it exist?
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I use a wiki installed on one of my computers.
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Try Basecamp. They have a free version which is what I'm setting up for myself for the same reason.
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I use PHPCollab - downloaded from Source Forge.
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Perhaps Trac?
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(disclosure: I am employed by the company that owns this, and work in the same office as the developers, but I am *not* directly involved with product. I do use it in the course of my work, however, and would recommend it even if I weren't employed there.)
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Strangeleftydoublethink, Basecamp offers a free trial; not a free version (from what I can see). Those are two different things.
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Basecamp's free version (limited to one active project).
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As you can tell already, there are bunch of products available like this--just Google on something like "intranet solution web" or "online groupware", and you'll find a million of them.

I did a survey for my own internal use at my outfit a little while ago, using a bunch of the free trials on different smallish projects, and some of them looked pretty good--HyperOffice and TeamSpace, but that's not any kind of ringing endorsement. (Wasn't crazy about BaseCamp, but that was because it was really wired for a specific type of interaction, and not as general--could be perfect for someone else.)

We still haven't settled on a solution yet, ourselves. (Big "buy vs. build" debate going on internally.)
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Another vote for Basecamp. I use it at work & love it. The free version is limited to one project, as already stated, and lacks FTP support (to your own server, so you can upload files and link them to posts. the rest of basecamp resides on their server).
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We have IBM QuickPlace here at work. It's not great, but hey, what can you expect from IBM?
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My only problem with all of the solutions suggested here is how much scrolling there is. You've got to scroll for ever and ever and ever to get anything done, even if the most vital information is at the top of the page.
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I personally refer to it as a "dashboard" page, a term I stole from some commercial organization with a clue. What it would seem to want to be attached to the front of, from your phrasing of the question, is something between a project management system and a full workflow-management system.

*Good* instances of these can prioritize things based on their importance to the originator and your statement of your priorities.

Everyone else is giving you instances. It sounded to me like you wanted the definition of the class. :-)
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Voodoopad lite for OS X is beyond cool.

I think this thing should be called a microportal (tm).
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Duck is right, scarabic...I'm a huge fan of MS (don't hate me), and I have used MS products including Office for many years, but I am absolutely baffled/angered/confused by MS's inability (or lack of desire) to make Office *better* and incorporate some of the features that we're discussing in this thread.

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I think Office 2004 supposed to feature a project workcenter to address those issues, looks neat, makes me wish I could buy just the Entourage component, since otherwise I'm fine with Office v.X.

Since you mention it, baylink, Apple is working on an app called "dashboard", it's supposed to be one of the new bells and whistles in Tiger. Looks like a good thing to start your day.
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We've had a great time using silverorange's intranet. Jacob Neilsen gave them best intranet of 2001, honorable mention in 2003 and gave the 2004 award to one based on it.
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Yeah, I'd never advocate Outlook in seriousness. But the need expressed here seems too broad to really serve with any products I would recommend.
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With any *single* product, I should say.
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