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Mrs. Hexxed and I are going out to Seattle, Vancouver, and various parts of Oregon in fall this year and we are looking for some suggestions on where to go and what to do.

We have about 6 days to split between Seattle and Vancouver but we are not limiting ourselves to those cities exactly. In a similar trip to Oregon last year we spent a lot of time at the McMenamins hotels. We are not really into the tourist stuff, more into just trying to get a feel for the city in unique way. I know it is not possible to explore such large cities in a short time. I did read some of the suggestions from a previous Seattle/Vancouver question posted but we will be spending more time and are open to going off the beaten trail a bit. A lot of our interests usually include alcohol of some sort (wine and beer mostly) and/or nature.
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Best answer: YEAAAAA! This is my 3-year anniversary of doing the exact same trip.... and as luck would have it, I got all of my recommendations via MeFi as well. See here and here.

BTW: I love my trip so much, I moved to Seattle (and I used MeFi for help on that as well - see here and here).

I recommend you do anything listed in the first two links. Buy a DK Eyewitness guide and hit as much as you can. When in Seattle, walk the city on day 1, and rent a car to drive to certain spots on day 2.

I've lived here for 19 months and I can attest that you can "see" the city in 2 days, but to enjoy the city, you might have to move here :).

Beer & Wine
- Woodinville is just outside of Seattle (30 min drive) and is host to Redhook Brewery which is in the midst of plenty of wineries. Also, there's a Pyramid Brewery in downtown Seattle, which is right by Elysian Fields. Also, check out Pike Place Brewery in...well...Pike Place. Plenty of other microbreweries in the area. A simple Google search will plot most of them.
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I don't know how far off the beaten path you are willing to go, but the Hoh Rainforest was the most serene, beautiful place I've ever been.
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Not sure what you are into but in Vancouver I would suggest the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

In Seattle you have to go for late night dinner at 13 Coins, the downtown location, it's a blast.
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Also in Vancouver the Granville island Public Market is great, it was modeled after Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Vancouver also has Tojo's, the best sushi restaurant outside of Japan.

How bout if I just list some special places to get great eats in Vancouver and you can pick what you like:

Belgian: Chambar

High-End: Lumiere

West Coast: Bishop's

Indian: Vij's (the best you've ever had)

Coffee: Cafe Artigiano (one downtown and one on 41st) have the best coffee I've ever had(and I'm a coffee nut)

Breakfast: Zen Cafe or Slickety Jim's Chat N Chew

Diner: Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Korean: Shabusen
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In Vancouver:
- Visit Granville Island - eat at the Pacific Cullinary Institute = West Coast Food, good prices.
- Walk 4th ave in Kits eat the city's best mexican food at Las Margartias then head down to kits beach to people watch.
- Beaches are a huge part of Vancouver - Wreck beach for a true Vancouver experience (bring an open mind and prepare for a hike), English Bay downtown is great to see the sights and feel the people but if you are looking to get away from the crowds - tower beach is a great place to watch the sunset.
- Classic tourist traps (but still fun): Grouse Mountain Tram is a great view of the city and mountian experience, Capilano Bridge is very touristy but a neat site - try Lynn Valley Suspension suspension bridge if you want to see a suspension bridge without the kitch.
- Walk across the Lion's Gate Bridge - there is no better view than from the middle but on a car it goes by too quickly.

Really, there are just too many amazing things about Vancouver. I lived there for 5 years and it really is the best place on earth. Oh, and if the renovations are finished when you are there - eat at Moderne Burger on Broadway at Larch - best burgers that I have ever had!
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Moderne Burger is still closed.... has been for a year now... should be opening soon...
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Multnomah Falls in Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge, Astoria, Oregon, the Oregon Coast, the city of Portland (see multiple Portland-related AskMes for specific recommendations)...Crater Lake. Just drive around, really, Oregon is the most beautiful state in the States!
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Response by poster: Thank you everybody I do appreciate your responses.
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Response by poster: I don't suppose anybody is checking this anymore but if anybody could name a good soccer bar to go watch the EPL in both seattle and vancouver that would help too.
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