TurboTax not giving credit for taxes already paid
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TurboTaxFilter: Trying to figure out where to enter "Nonresident's share of net tax paid by the manager of the partnership" for a North Carolina return using TurboxTax 2007 Home & Business

My wife and I live in Vermont, but need to file a non-resident return for North Carolina this year due to W-2 income she was receiving as a consultant to a business in NC.

Additionally, she is a partner of an LLC based in North Carolina.

Her share of the taxes incurred by the LLC were paid by the manager of the partnership. This payment should appear on the NC return on Line 20c.

However, I cannot for the life of me find where in TurboTax to enter this payment! This makes the difference on the return between having to pay or getting money refunded.

If there are any masters of TurboTax on MeFi - please help!!!
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Response by poster: If it helps, more specifically what I am trying to do is enter the information from this form which was provided by the LLC: NC K-1 (D-403)

If I go to Open Forms in TurboTax, it does not list this specific form in there. Does that mean that TurboTax does not understand how to do this? Maybe TurboTax was a poor choice to use for tax software...
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How much are you saving by not going to an Enrolled Agent? A hundred bucks, maybe?
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