Who is this sculptor?
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Name that contemporary artist: magazine photos recreated in huge sculptures.

I remember seeing these huge art installations - the sculptor had taken photos from magazines, and recreated the scenes on a huge scale, exactly as they were in the photo - so from certain angles things looked really distorted, and the sculptures were cut off flat where the edges of the photo were.

Does this ring any bells? I have a feeling it's someone relatively well-known...
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do you remember where you saw these installations?
even the country would be helpful in narrowing it down

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Response by poster: I saw it at Le Rectangle in Lyon, three years ago or so. I don't think the artist was French, though.
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Response by poster: I found it! The Wang Du Parade.

Clearly, I could have described it better in the post, and I had forgotten the huge Time magazine cover carpet, which probably would have triggered someone's memories. Thanks for your replies, though.
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glad you found it, creeky...
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