How soon will a Miralux mattress decay into a worthless piece of junk?
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Has anyone had any experience with Miralux brand mattresses?

I'm in the market for a new mattress, and the chain I went to today was heavily promoting this brand, which apparently is their house brand. The mattress did seem very comfy, but I'm worried about how this mattress will hold up in the long term, especially with how heavily they were trying to push me/how much they were willing to discount it (when I bought a used car, there was less acting). Plus, laying down a grand on a mattress is pretty big for someone who spent the last year on a $100 air mattress.

There's a dearth of reviews online, most of which are 5-6 years old or by a random mattress salesman blogging for sales. Google brings up nothing really, and the manufacture sells only to one single chain, which doesn't seem to be comforting. So, is this brand worthwhile? Or will it fall apart within days of the return day expiring?
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I have one. For about a year now, and it's holding up right well.

Here's some history on the manufacturers. Same guys that used to make Sealy and Stearns & Foster.

When I bought my mattress, the sales lady told me the mattresses were sold cheaper because the Miralux folks don't waste money on an advertising budget, so they could put more money into quality parts and still sell the mattress for a better price. That link up there verifies her story.

So, for the past year, my mattress hasn't sagged; it retains the same hardness; and it's just as spring-y. I sleep well on it. That's my personal experience with it.
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Miralux offers a 15 year warranty on their mattresses, so that should speak to their quality.
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Mattress warranties are usually not very high quality (they're pro-rated and don't cover anything remotely like regular wear and tear), so unless it's a remarkable warranty, you should discount that.

That said, I have no idea how to buy a mattress without getting screwed. You're in a den of lions. May god have mercy on your shopping.
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