How to navigate my phone with a broken screen
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Does anyone out there own a Nokia 5300? My screen broke and I need someone to walk me through a couple of steps so I can use it "blind"!

I'm trying to connect it to my PC so I can use the Nokia PC Suite software to read my calendar. But as I recall, when you plug the phone into the USB cable you need to select "Nokia PC Suite mode" on the phone or something like that. All I need to know is the combination of key presses to do that. Any help would be much appreciated. :)
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On my Nokia 6265i, when you hook up the USB cable it asks whether you want to use it as a storage device. (There's a tone too, if you have those turned on) The right soft key is "No", the middle is "Yes". If you select "No", it defaults to PC Suite mode. I don't know if the 5300 works the same way.

Have you tried reading the manual? They generally break the instructions down step-by-step. Or, barring that, you would at least be able to look at how the menu items are ordered.
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Here's a link to the instruction manual: (2.6 MB PDF warning) Nokia 5300 User's Guide
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I have a Nokia 5300. Press OK twice, after plugging in the cable, and the desired magic should happen.
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Best answer: I mean, press the middle "select" button twice.
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Response by poster: The 5300 doesn't work the same way, but thanks for trying! :)

I've had a look at the manual and it's not very helpful. I'm currently just trying trial and error with button presses, and hoping I don't end up doing anything stupid!
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Response by poster: Oh wow, more answers. Thanks folks! You MeFites are tops! :)
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