Cannes Lions 2007 intro tracklist
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Where can I find the tracklist for the 2007 Cannes Lions DVD intro?

I recently went to a screening of the Cannes Lions advertising fest, and was impressed by the music played in the intro segment. Just to be clear of what I'm talking about, the showing began with a ten minute (or longer) clip show from the actual fest in Cannes - people schmoozing, commiteeing, etc. The intro ended with a list of the music played, but all I caught was Calvin Harris and Kasabian. Does anyone have/know where I can find this tracklist?
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Best answer: Could this have been something specific to the venue you saw the Lions at? I went to a screening at a local art gallery, and there was no introduction, just a brief title card and then right into the commercials.

If the clip show was on the DVD and just wasn't shown at my screening, the Cannes Lions store may be able to help you out.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion, I wrote them a question and am just waiting to hear back.
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