RV rental in NY state
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Help us find an RV to rent in New York State (visiting from Scotland)

My partner and I are visiting New York state later this year and fancy the idea of renting a campervan (RV) to explore Adirondack park and the surrounding area. We're considering two options:

(1) Pick up the RV from somewhere near Saratoga Springs / Albany for 4-5 days and returning it to the same place

(2) Pick up the RV from somewhere near Buffalo (as we're coming from Toronto) for 7 days and return it to either Albany or NYC (we're flying back from JFK).

None of the website's we've found so far inspire confidence; does anyone have any suggestions for a company that would let us book online? We'll be visiting at the start of September.
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I wish I had some personal experience with RV's, because I've lived in the Adirondacks and I'd love to help out. Have you tried Get RV.com? It's site for owners of RVs to allow rentals, so you may be able to find something there. Lots of people around here have campers so they can go south for the winter, so there will hopefully be some on the rental list in the summer and fall.

Just be sure you know how to navigate the roads in the mountains. RV's can do them, I've been stuck behind enough to know, but they'll labor up the hills and it will be harder to pull over into scenic and hiking areas. mmail me if you want any other info.
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How big of an RV?
Class A? Class C?
http://www.cruiseamerica.com/ does RV rentals online.
They're quite pricey though.
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And with the price of petrol/gas it'll be expensive to run. You could always get some camping gear and alternate between camping and staying in Hotels and B&B (you'll probably need to book in advance for prime locations such as Blue Mountain Lake and Lake Placid).

I'd bet that inexpensive camping gear, would be a lot cheaper than an RV, but just not so comforable.
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Response by poster: Size-wise, we're thinking probably the smallest on offer - there are only two of us and we're not expecting much space. Thanks for the heads up about the roads.
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