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What is the one item you have for your trailer/RV/caravan that you love but never would have thought to buy yourself?

My dad recently purchased a trailer over the summer and until it turned cold he was spending every weekend up at the lake. He's close to retirement so I expect he'll be spending even more time there as soon as it warms up again. For Christmas I'm looking to get him something that he'd use up there, but wouldn't think to buy himself. He's comfortable enough financially that I imagine he's already got all the necessities. I'm more interested in giving him something somewhat out of the ordinary, but that will get a lot of use. Any thoughts?
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If this is a single axle trailer a BAL Leveler is an awesome piece of kit. It both levels and chocks the trailer without having to move the trailer or mess around with a bunch of different levelling blocks.
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It's more of a thing to tie on the top of a gift, but if he's a beer drinker, a wall mounted bottle opener is awesome.
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Does he camp where there is electricity? If so, you might consider a heated mattress pad for him. It will extend the time he's able to be out and about and they are oh so toasty and warm and lovely.
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Best answer: Extra garden, water and sewer hoses.
A camp axe.
Fire starter kit. (Kindling and lighters)
Nesting plastic containers to hold things
Spare fuses and/or bulbs
small toolkit or leatherman
extension cords (30 amp I think)
Duct tape and teflon tape.
Extra couplings and fittings for hoses.
Small step ladder
Extra sleeping bags
first aid kit
small folding table
games for when it rains
games for when it is nice (Corn hole toss type games)
roll of outdoor carpet or fake grass for under awning area
bunch of cheap disposable ponchos or rain gear.
Levels and chucks

Out of Ordinary
A portable hammock to sit outside and drink beer by the fire.
Monogrammed towels
monogrammed paper goods such as napkins
Custom welcome mat with family name on it
Drinking glasses and a bar set
Some sort of flag he can raise when he gets there (like at a tailgate at a football game)
Maybe one of those map things that you fill in the states when you travel to it.
really nice bbq utensil set
pair of walkie talkies to use while parking and just wandering around campsite
Nice wool blanket
space heater
White Board to make a checklist for when parking and setting up and for breaking down.
bicycles for travelling around campsites.

Cooler for BEER outside
Did I say beer?
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Two silly items that always make things better for me: a plastic tray to put wet shoes on, little solar garden lights.
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I find that you can never have enough batteries. So i would recommend the Sanyo Eneloop battery kit. It contains AA, AAA, and adapters for C and D. These have a reputation of holding their charge for quite a long time.
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Not clear from your note whether Dad's rig is moved frequently or more-or-less permanently set up at the lake. That may make a difference in the type of gift you consider.

If he tows and sets up for every visit, an electric tongue jack makes life so much easier. Even the young and flexible can find cranking that hitch jack an exhausting proposition.

Many lakeside sites have no sewer hookups, due to drainage issues. A "blue boy" tank makes it possible to dump waste without breaking camp and moving the rig. And a semi-rigid sewer hose like the Rhino Flex is worth the premium cost. It stows easier, holds a set position for easier draining and lasts forever (if no one takes a weedwhacker or mower to it).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I went with: hammock (cause who doesn't want a hammock?). Now I have plenty of ideas for next time though.
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