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I'm getting a Treo 600 in a couple of days. I need recommendations for a good carrying case. Anything related to first-time Treo ownership also welcome. Thanks!
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I really like the look of the Vaja cases. They're expensive, but well-received.
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You want advice for someone about to own a Treo? Ok: prepare to be Jesus'ed.

Also, you MUST NOT underutilise it. There are billions of third-party applications that will enable you to do truly amazing things from your Treo. Use google. Some quick tips:

Mobile TS (when you get this to work its fucking amazing to see)
Mobile Dictionary

yOu can alos have fully functioning clients on it for email, Usenet, IRC, AOL/MSN messengers, web browsing, telnet, everything you could imagine.

and GAMES!!

im rambling and frothing at the mouth waiting for Verizon to start offering Treo600 in my area just email me if you want more info
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Verizon now offering Treo 600, and probably in your area.
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I really like using the Krusell side loading case with eGrips. The surface of the Treo tends to be really slippery and the eGrips totally fix that.
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Response by poster: wow. thanks!!

hackworth: i'm with tmobile so the sim card from the old 3595 will just move in to its new digs.

making notes:
:::MUST NOT underutilise it::::
:::MUST NOT underutilise it::::
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Also, I love Launcher X.

You also probably want to get a SD Card. I have a 128 meg one that's packed to the gills with ebooks from Project Gutenberg.
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I don't know which model my Treo is (new top-of-the-line in early 2003). I like it, but it was also my first PDA. Phone wise, I use it more for texts than voice calls.

However, it takes getting used to phoning with it. Its sometimes difficult to get the exact spot of the earpiece in exactly the right place for the sound to be heard.

I have to say, the thing is quite durable. I've dropped it a number of times without serious damage. The hinge for the cover has come undone, but I was able to easily get it back.

Major irritation from disconnecting from the cell network by the top button being pressed in my pocket, especially since I didn't realize that was the cause.

The device is 18 months old. The proprietary battery no longer holds a charge more than a couple days before it needs recharging. Handspring was so much more clever when they were new, and insisted on standard batteries.

Most irritating of all, the keypad doesn't light and stay lit when it should (typing SMS into the thing). Only rarely an issue, like if I hear a msg come in after I'm in bed, and actually feel like responding. There is a key combo to turn the light on, never remember it as its seldom an issue.
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Well the case i use no longer appears available.
I wanted a flip lid case but for some reason all but one flipped up . had one where the cover flipped down but they do not seem to have it anymore.
that site has a discussion board that is worth following. Check the lists for best apps especially freeware.
( ie like palmpuke :-)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your input. I really appreciate it and look forward to making the most of my birthday present soon.
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