Where is the music of the night?
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I'm trying to find a music streaming website I found through StumpleUpon a few months ago, and the main theme was night and roadtrip music.

The site had a dark colour scheme (possibly blues and blacks?) and allowed you to stream or download music. Most of the stuff was ambient but there were some cool indie rock-ish tracks as well. The only other things I remember are that you could search by tags such as 'roadtrip,' and while there were a lot of unsigned artists there were a few major label acts available to listen to as well. My search engine zen has failed me, and a search on MeFi turned up this possibility but the site is now down.

Heroes of AskMe, can you help?
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All you need is deezer.com!!
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Response by poster: That's not the one, but that does look like a cool website.... I just remembered something else, the songs were listed with artist name and title, but also had little icons representing the 'style and suitability' and tags of the music, so there'd be a little square icon for ambient, another for roadtrip etc.
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I don't know about night/roadtrip music, but somafm has a dark background and some indie stuff and some ambient stuff. No tags either.
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