How can I keep all my old setting with a new motherboard, processor, and RAM?
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If I will install a new motherboard, processor and new RAM, what should I do to keep all my old settings? Will Repair Install from Windows XP Boot CD suffice ? Or should I try this ?

And by all my settings I mean all my installed programs, with their registry settings and whatnot.

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repair install isnt enough, so yeah, you'll probably need to do something like those instructions
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You'll have to uninstall all the drivers for your chipset, ide controller, usb controller, onboard sound/video (if you have it) and anything else on the old mobo in order for the new mobo devices to not conflict. So yeah, try the "this".
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I did this same thing a few months ago, and ended up using the Repair Install option from the WinXP Pro disc. Then again I had backups of install files and my data, as well as a weekend to kill in case something went wrong.

In other words, the Repair Install is supposed to work, but there are no guarantees. It depends on how lucky you're feeling, I guess. The method in the ArsTechnica post seems to be more of a methodically safe bet, and had I known about it beforehand, I probably would've tried that first.
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