What's your favorite WAMP installer and why?
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What's your favorite WAMP installer? (and, of course ,why?)
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Do you need an installer?

Just install apache using their installer, which adds it as a service in windows. From there, download and install PHP... assuming, of course, that's the 'p' in 'wamp.' Final step, just add a the line to the http.conf file so that apache recognizes PHP. (It's part of the PHP tutorial...)
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He also needs mysql, which means that needs to be configured as well, which is why we have WAMP installers. No?

I've tried a couple. I use WinLAMP these days. I find that it's kept up to date better than some others.
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This tutorial saw me through a while back. It was relatively easy, and I didn't end up with all the screwy settings that all-in-one installers try to force on you.

That said, you might like apache2triad.
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WAMP5 has a new release bundled with Apache 1.3.31, PHP5.0.0, SQLitemanager, MySQL 4.0.18 & Phpmyadmin that looks interesting for development on a Windows box.
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