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CodeFilter: I am looking for online classes mainly in the area of web programming (PHP, MySQL, AJAX, etc.).

I need to brush up on my self taught skills. I am looking for something on the level of an actual coures, with assignments, deadlines, etc. (I don't necessarily like those things, but find I learn much better that way than self-paced from a book). Free or paid service is fine - I am mainly concerned with quality. I sort of like the courses and organization offered by, but I have no idea if they are good and credible? Any recommendations would be very much appreciated
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I've had great results with the O'reilly School, they're primarily self-paced online lessons, but they really hammer it home, their slogan is something like "learning by doing and doing and doing" and they do offer a cluster of web programming classes (PHP, Perl, AJAX, etc).
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Id like to see what others say too as I have been struggling with this for several years....
Lynda and O'reilly are insane when it comes to price....then again, there is always BitMe...snicker
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Ed2Go. I've done three of their online programming classes including the one for PHP/MySQL, one on Java, and one on Perl. The courses are little over $100 with two lessons a week for 6 weeks. My cost was less ($89?) by enrolling through my local community college.
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