How to get rid of (not cover) a burnt plastic smell in my microwave?
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How do I get rid of a really strong burnt-plastic smell from the inside of my microwave?

I recently put a plastic container that had a blatantly inaccurate 'microwave safe' symbol into the microwave. And it turned into a molten, burnt, mound of Brown Rice N' Plastic. It filled my apartment with smoke and smell, and while open windows and fans have resolved that problem in the apartment, the horrible smell is still incredibly intense inside the microwave itself.

How can i get rid of the smell? I don't want to just cover it, I want it to be GONE!
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Heat a bowl of vinegar and water? Put a big pile of baking soda in the oven and don't use it for a few days? Obviously, just guessing here.
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I've found chopping a lemon in half and really nuking it in the microwave is a good way to get rid of clingy odors in there... of course they'll be a lemony smell but that should clear after a while and it should be better than burnt plastic
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You could try charring/burning some toast in there, then give it a good scrub with kitchen cleaner. Again, just guessing.
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I'd try the vinegar route first.
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Try putting a couple pieces of charcoal in a bowl (for fast & easy removal when nuking food) leave in for several days.
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The smell is coming from tar deposits on all the internal surfaces. Wiping down the interior with concentrated dishwashing detergent will get rid of quite a lot of that. The rest will fade in time. To make it fade faster, take the oven outside, and leave it in the sun for a few days with the door open to catch any passing breeze.
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Best answer: I've had the same thing happen, and what I did was heat a small bowl of vinegar until it was (nearly) evaporated. Then I wiped down the sides, top and bottom inside (with the vinegar that had condensed onto the walls of the microwave). After two rounds, either I just got used to the plastic smell, or the day was mine and the smell was vanquished!
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Scrub it out, and try using vanilla essence to do it - the alcohol based type. Then leave the door open for a while and let it really air out.
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