Honestly, I would be thrilled with an artist, or even a GENRE.
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Can anyone identify the repeated clip of music in this flash movie? Warning: this is more difficult than these things usually are. WARNING: STROBING LIGHTS, ALSO SORT OF OFFENSIVE TOWARDS PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY.
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Response by poster: Additionally, looking for musical sources for this, this, this, this, and especially this.
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Shazam it?
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Response by poster: Shazam seems to only do phone ID'ing in the UK, Happy Dave. (Canadian)
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Best answer: It's from a track called "Neuro (99)" released as an EP by "X-Cabs" aka Chris Cowie in 1999.

Haven't listened to the bonus questions yet.
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The 3rd one with the japanese is Naive Song by Mirwais. All of the other ones seem awesome, and that pineapple rocks, but I don't know what the hell they are. And now I must find out somehow.
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Best answer: Oh hey, he has a list on the site, tehloki.

He doesn't know where the song in #10 (the one with the little potato-shaped guy) is from, but the rest of them are there. I suggest Renoise to play/create xm and mod files if you don't have something to play them already.
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I used to spin that track all the time when I was DJ'ing. I'm 99% right that blacklite is correct.
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Best answer: #10 is 50Hertz - Trådlös Sewingmachine. More info here.
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