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Where can I find inexpensive Scandinavian garden candles in the U.S.?

I saw these candles, called Marshaller, all over the place in Oslo. They burn for hours and withstand the wind thanks, I believe, to the thick wick. Here's a site with a photo. I'm looking for a wholesale or inexpensive source to avoid overseas shipping.
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Nordic Shop Garden Candles
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Response by poster: Necessitas: I've contacted that site, but from the looks of it, those candles aren't as substanial as what I'm seeking, which are basically mega tealights.
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The Swedishop you linked ships to the U.S. - I've used them before - so that is an option, albeit not inexpensive.

As for where to buy them here, I'm not sure. How about calling the closest Ikea, they sometimes have them for sale (usually in the late summer/early fall, for crawfish season). I think they are called "cressets" in English. You might try a candle store or similar and see if they have any idea of where to go to buy them.
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Ikea used to sell them as Angar and Samlas and then they were recalled. We love them and kept ours because we use them for parties. Outdoor candles like these are made by an Estonian company called Hansa Candle. Perhaps if you contact them, they can suggest an online retailer which ships to the states?
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I don't know your definition of inexpensive but I found the candles you mean at Ingebretsen's Scandinavian gifts in a three-pack for $9.
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Also, one of the main manufacturers of these for the Scandinavian market seems to be Eurowax. I'm pretty sure they are the make I buy locally. You could always try contacting them for info on a US distributor.

Another possibility is that IKEA will stock a version of them again in their summer catalogue, though after the recall of the previous ones that does seem a little unlikely.
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