Putting photos on Picasa from yahoo mail
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When I receive photos in my yahoo email from family and friends, what is the easiest way to download them to picasa? I have picasa on my computer and I also paid $20 to have picasa storage on the internet. It seems very time consuming. Also, is there an easy way to put all my photos that are on my computer to the picasa storage on the internet? Thank you so much.
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When you connect your camera to your computer and turn your camera on, in windows, the operating system will prompt you, asking you what to do with the images. If you select "open them in picasa" and click the box that says "do this every time" you should be on your way.

Here is a video tutorial:

picasa tutorial.
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Well, probably the best way of getting emailed pictures into Picasa is to save them to a folder that Picasa has set as "scan always". I'm not familiar with the Yahoo! email interface, but I know on Gmail there is a link that says "Save all attachments" or similar. If you create a folder in Picasa called "Emailed Photos" or something and then navigate to that folder when prompted where to save the images. In the Tools menu of Picasa you can examine the Folder Tree to change how folders are scanned by Picasa (never, once, or always). If it is always scanned, Picasa will look for new pictures in that folder automatically.

As far as the Web Albums go, there is no easy way to upload everything (unless you just do a "select all" and then upload. I think the analogy is that Picasa is your big box of photos and Web Albums are the smaller photo albums you put together to share.
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Get a GMail account and have your Yahoo forward all emails containing photos to your Gmail. Easy Picasa import from there...
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Also, is there an easy way to put all my photos that are on my computer to the picasa storage on the internet? Thank you so much.

To answer this part, there's a button on the bottom of the screen in Picasa that says "Web Album". Just select the pictures you want to post online, click "Web Album", and wait for it to connect. Once it connects, then you can select which album you want the pictures to be appended to and the size you want them to be. Within seconds, they're online.
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