Cheap Way to Get Replacement Appliance Parts
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Does anyone know a cheaper way to get replacement appliance parts than the manufacturer or those places that come up in google like (specifically, for a gas range)?

somehow, I lost what are called the 'Burner End Caps' to my my GE range. These are the little metal discs that force the gas out through the tiny holes. Without them, the gas goes straight up bunsen-style. GE sells them, but they are $25/each and I need 4. I feel like I could get a whole new range for that money. All the places in google want about $30/each. This is in NYC, FWIW. It's just a flat metal disc about 1.5" across. I feel like this is a $2 part. Ideas? Are there appliance junk yards?
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I had a very good experience here. I realize it might qualify as "those place thats come up in Google," but it worked well and the price was low.
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We've used "RepairClinic" (the place yerfatma referred to) a couple of times as well--they definitely worked out fine if you end up having to bite the bullet and go for new parts.
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If the caps are cast iron you should try phoning around to used/repair places. Be aware your going to have trouble making a match because you don't have a sample to compare to and there are about a gazillion types often with minor differences. A picture may help if you can find one on line. If your end caps are aluminum your probably out of luck because they are not very durable but it would still be worth a call around.

$30 each is not an unusual price either way. I used to get that much for some types used.
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Response by poster: What did you get for a whole range? I'm thinking of tossing this one and getting a new (used) one. I got this one for free (it had the caps then). The picture and part number is available on line, maybe I'll print it out and bring with. Either way, i can bring the things the caps sit on for test purposes, but if $30 is going rate, I'm gonna have to look into other options. $120 to get this thing to working order seems crazy.
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