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Charities in Southern California that accept appliances (a dryer) that ARE NOT the Salvation Army?

I have a dryer that I want to donate to a charity. When I moved here I brought it with me and found out after I moved that most dryers here are gas, this one is electric. I tried selling it on Craigslist with no luck. It works well and is in great shape, but the only charity that I found that will take appliances is the Salvation Army. I can't support an organization that discriminates like that, so is there another organization out there? I think it might fit in my CRV, but it would be better if there was a group that picked up. I am in Pomona. Bonus points for animal-related charities. Thanks!
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The Goodwill takes appliances, although I don't think they do pick-ups. Some local Habitat for Humanity franchises also take appliances for the homes they're building.

You also might have good luck calling local women's and homeless shelters to see if they'd be able to use it -- that is where I might start, if I were you. I do think you might have a tough time unloading it because so few Southern Californians use electric dryers (I've literally never even seen one).
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Would you consider FreeCycling (doesn't need to be through FreeCycle, there is also ReUseIt, and I think Recycle Network)? While they aren't a charity in the strict sense, a lot of churches and charities do tell people to look at those services to get items that they need. FreeCycle, in my experience, people pick the item up from you.
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Vietnam Veterans of America might take it, but I'm not sure.
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You might also want to try animal shelters.
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You could try your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore -- they pick up.
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We donated ours through a women's shelter that sets families up in new housing. Rarely these apartments have washer dryer hook ups, and when they do the women often cannot afford the appliances. In response, we got the most wonderfully genuine thank you note from a woman who could wash her clothes in her own home for the first time in her life.
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Out of the Closet
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St. Vincent de Paul is the least picky about the stuff they pick up--Out of the Closet the most.
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Post it on Craigslist for free and I'm sure you can unload it quickly and easily.
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I'd suggest craigslist or freecycle, unless you specifically want this to go to charity. If you just want it gone, those are the easiest options as the 'buyer' will come get it themselves.
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