Need Cleen Screen
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How can I safely get this glossy laptop LCD clean and free of dust without running the risk of damaging it?

Dirty computer LCD screens drive me crazy.

My laptop is a Sony VGN-FE550G with a glossy screen. My acid test for a a really clean screen is to fill it with a black background and view it with bright light hitting it.

When I managed to get the dust off of it I invariably end up with streaks.
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I use a damp microfiber cloth that's intended for windows. Just water, never cleaning products. No streaks for me on this non-glossy screen.
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I've used this kit for a while with great results.
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Rubbing alcohol is usually safe for cleaning all sorts of electronics. Where I work we use it on everything, LCD's, laptops, pda's, blackberry's.

I am betting that in null terminated's link the cleaning solution is probably just over priced rubbing alcohol.
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I just buy a set of alcohol swabs from the pharmacy, the ones people use to sterilize an area before giving themselves an injection. They're ncredibly cheap, few dollars for a hundred and each one sealed in a little package so you can leave a few in your bag/at work etc.

I just wipe the screen with one, then use a soft cloth/kitchen tissue to polish it-- absolutely spotless.
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Same as what stereo said, go to an auto supply store and buy a microfiber towel for $2-3. Do not use Windex on your screen as it will damage the antiglare coating, but plain water or with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol should be fine.
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Seconding microfiber cloth. I don't even wet it. Just sweep off the dust on my glossy laptop screen, and there are no streaks.

Other things besides dust can be spot cleaned with a dampened microfiber or other cloth, using water or even rubbing alcohol, then dried and re-swept with a dry microfiber.

You can tell I like this microfiber business...
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Go to Best Buy or Staples or somewhere and drop $10 or so on a "kit" of screen-cleaning spray (made specifically for cleaning screens) and a microfiber cloth or two. Works like a charm. As others have said, Windex will damage your screen. (Bleach will do the same, but I'm pretty sure the person I know who did that was pretty, err, unique.)

I'm not quite convinced that the screen cleaning spray is anything but distilled water, but it works like a champ in any case. Wipe your screen with the cloth dry, and then give a light spray onto the cloth, wipe (don't apply too much pressure), and marvel at the results.
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The kit I linked to is likely overpriced, but it's lasted a large part of a year and gives great results. I don't mind spending $16 to have a clean screen and the knowledge I won't ruin a $2000 machine. Whatever fluid you use, microfiber cloths are a must.
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Magic Eraser. (Save that though, for when microfiber cloths just aren't giving you the same hit that they used to...)
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