Hotel search by room type?
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Is there any hotel search that can search hotels by room type? For example, all jacuzzi suites in $CITY, or all rooms with wet bar, all rooms with separate shower and tub, etc?

The future husband and I want to stay in a jacuzzi suite when we head out of town to get married.

Is there a simpler way of comparing, short of looking on every single hotel's website to see if they have such a suite type and then searching those on expedia/orbitz/

Alternate topic: recommend me a jacuzzi suite in Las Vegas for a couple pre- and post- Vegas wedding! We are almost-antisocial nerds (not the exclusive club type) and would prefer the Strip for convenience, but could be convinced to go to Fremont if you have a glowing recommendation.
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I don't know about orbitz, but I just tried, and once you enter the destination and dates, you then have the option to search amenities, and suites and jacuzzi suites are options on the amenities filter.
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The amenities search on has a jacuzzi option but it seems to search by whether the hotel as a whole has it, not whether rooms do. A whirlpool in the hotel spa would fit that criterion but not mine.
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By the way Expedia owns so the same features are available at This can be nice if you would also like to see package deals or add on air travel. Just click the Hotels tab - you don't have to buy AirTravel. When you go to Hotels you will be accessing the same functionality as And as a bonus they will sometimes discount there margins on flights if you buy hotels, if they have a relationship with teh Airline.
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