Seeking a story I read online; letter to Bush, simple narrator talking about his own life
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I'm trying to find a lovely story I read on the Internet perhaps a year ago. It was published in some (very) obscure online literary zine. Fairly lengthy.

The story was framed as a letter to President Bush, although it had nothing to do with Bush or politics. The narrator (letter-writer) was kind of a simpleton. I believe he was a construction worker or something similar. He talked about a particular co-worker, and his love life.


If I had to guess I'd say I followed a link there from Riley Dog, but his archives don't go back far enough to see.
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You could try emailing Steve at Riley Dog. Nice fellow.
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Best answer: Paul Maliszewski's 'Ten Letters to the President" in Fence the winter of 2003.

i may never keep archives but i have a good memory some days.
happy trails
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Response by poster: Well, wuddya know. Thanks a ton, Steve!
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