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Jewelry Question: I would like to get my engagement ring cleaned and resized smaller. I'm worried about this because I've heard stories of jewelers taking the ring from you to the "back" to do the work, but then exchanging the diamonds for lower quality stones. Also, it doesn't need a major's just large enough to annoy me (keeps turning around on my finger, for example), but it won't fall off by itself. There are SO many listings for jewelers -- I feel like its like finding a good mechanic -- difficult, and better if you can get a recommendation. Can anyone recommend a jeweler (in the Los Angeles area) that they trust and had a good experience/history with? Is it a bad idea to resize a platinum ring with diamonds in it to a slightly smaller size? [Oh--and I don't want to go back to where the ring was purchased.]
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Best answer: Most jewelry stores will be happy to clean your ring at the counter. I can't recommend a jeweler in LA, but most will have to take your ring into the "back" to have it sized. I'd recommend finding a place with a shop on site, so they aren't sending your ring out someplace. Also, trust your instinct - if you feel that the place is a little sketchy, don't leave your ring there.
Does your center diamond have a GIA or other certificate? If so, there may be an identification number laser inscribed on the girdle. Also, every diamond has unique characteristics, such as inclusions that can help identify it - these will be noted on the cert, and the associate taking your ring in for sizing should be able to show you identifying features, and reassure you when they return the ring.
If the diamonds are not all the way around the band, and there isn't a lot of engraving it should be quite simple to resize a platinum ring. If it is only slightly too big it might be easiest to have a ring guard added to the inside of the ring - it's a small piece of metal added to the inside of the ring that makes it fit tighter, but doesn't require the ring to be changed.
This site may also help you find a local jeweler:
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Response by poster: Inky -- thank you so much for your answer. It is extremely helpful. I don't have diamonds all the way around, but the ring guard sounds like a very good idea. I have to find out if my fiance has a cert for the center diamond. And I will be using the website you gave to start looking for a jeweler. Thanks again for all your advice!
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I was actually wondering the same question last week. Rio, thanks for asking and inky, thanks for answering!
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Best answer: Valley's Gem Jewelery Store is where I just bought an engagement ring for my fiance. Her family has been shopping there for years and the owner, Tony, is the only person in the jewelery business that I could imagine trusting with such a large percentage of my annual income. My fiance also just had her ring sized there as well, and it turned out great. Platinum takes a little longer to size than gold (about 30 minutes). It will certainly get taken into the back to be worked on as they need to remove a chunk form the band and reweld the ring together. So, yes, basically I've had great experiences with this place and I can vouch for their history.
12208.5 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 761-1729
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Response by poster: garethspor thank you!! I'm definitely going to check that place out.
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