Can anyone recommend a desk for computer/desktop video editing?
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I'm in the market for a new computer-slash-desktop video editing desk. Seeing as we're all internet addicts here, and spend tons of time at our workstations, I'm just wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to the "best" desk? (mi)

Ideally, I'd like something spacious, but not so large that I end up feeling like my whole room is being overtaken by the desk. I'm leaning towards something split-level, so if I pick up a VTR, vectorscope, or an NTSC monitor, I can throw that in there, but I'm sort of a hobbyist at the moment in that realm, so that's not a huge requirement. Also, I prefer desks that have tons of leg room, i.e. almost like a drafting table in style.
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Plan on a monitor bridge that can support 3 19-21" monitors, if you're serious: 2 computer monitors, and an NTSC program monitor. The first two can be LCD these days; the latter should be a CRT, unless you're willing to spend about 3 grand on your LCD to get a broadcast spec one.

Nigel B has some great furniture, though it ain't cheap.

Check out Audio Visual Innovations, and other like dealers, for purpose built furniture. (Full Disclosure: people I used to work with are now sales reps at AVI. :-)
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