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Help me find the title of this documentary with pirated, never-seen tv clips.

A couple of years ago in a movie class I saw a documentary that presented a bunch of clips which were not meant to be shown on screen: a guy had set up his satellite dish to pick up the signal from live broadcasts. We basically saw what was going on during commercial breaks, or rehearsals. There were clips from Larry King talking about his pharmacist, and another one with a us presidential candidate preparing for his speech, and asking his assistant to go get some stuff at the corner store.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm trying to find the title of that documentary. Thanks!
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Feed? It's all Presidential candidates, but it's an awful lot like what you're describing.
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Was the Paul Wolfowitz comb incident (from 'Farenheit 911') also in Feed?
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No, Feed is from 1992, pre-wolfowitz getting to be on TV, if I recall correctly. However, it includes a classic scene of a candidate leaning into frame to spray something up his nose... I think it was Bob Kerrey. It's a great film, very much behind the curtain.
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Best answer: Spin by Brian Singer, who provided the feeds for Feed. Features the actual video.
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Correction: Brian Springer.
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I believe I remember this from OutFoxed.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks user92371 and all!
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It's actually on Google video.
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