How can I clean this whiteboard?
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DryEraseFilter. I bought a whiteboard at Ikea and after using some dry-erase markers on it, it does not erase. Now I have a whiteboard with half a grocery list and a doodle of a octopus-man that aren't going anywhere. I've tried all the household cleaners I have (bleach, vinegar, Fantastic, Windex) nothing's working. Any recommendations?
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>Any recommendations?

70% USP IPA. Okay, that's 70 parts isopropyl alcohol to 30 parts water. Should be in your pharmacy for less than $1. :-)

If that doesn't work, you can try the last desparate measure. This is harsh on everything though, so probably wear gloves (Note that I didn't, and didn't die, though). Use some Acetone on the marks. Should be available at your favourite hardware or paint shop.
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I got some off with nail polish remover once (maybe that is acetone? not sure). I had left the marker on the board for at least a month, and the only way I could get the doodles off completely was with the remover. Sounds like something got fubared - either your board has the wrong finish on it or the markers had the wrong labels.
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One of the orange oil-based goo cleaners may work well for you, though I admit to not knowing the specifics of the Ikea whiteboard.
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Use some Acetone on the marks.

Afterwards, spray some on a polystyrene foam cup.
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the board sounds screwed to begin with, but unfortunately you may have screwed it permanently yourself with the chems.

I once had the same problem, and what happened was that the stuff I tried to clean the board with took off the slick finish which makes it erasable in the first place--which only smudged the marker, and rendered that spot completely un-erasable for all eternity.

The kludge is to use whatever you can to get the marker off, but having wrecked the surface for future marks, you can stick a few stripes of clear packing tape over the messed-up spot. Its surface can be erased with a little work.

the real solution is to return the board, and never go into IKEA again..
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nail polish remover == acetone == white board cleaner.

8 oz White Board Cleaner at Office Depot = $3.25
2 * 6 oz Cutex Nail Polish Remover at Walgreens = $3.00 or better yet try an Everything's A Dollar store.
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Best answer: Color over the marks with another dry-erase marker and then wipe it off with a soft cloth when it is still wet.

I've had it work before.
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Most nail polish removers are not acetone-based anymore, so check before you buy.
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Hairspray will work.
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Response by poster: Thanks gang! I'll try these solutions tonight...
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I used to work at a place filled with whiteboards and whiteboard fanatics, and I can report from vast experience that Coffeemate's suggestion will often work, but requires a certain amount of elbow grease. I should add that heavy use of cleaning products eats away at whiteboards' eraseableness.

If I never see a whiteboard again, it'll be too soon.
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Failing everything - white gloss paint.
And get some decent dry wipe markers.
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Don't use acetone on it unless it is a ceramic whiteboard surface. Acetone will destroy almost any plastic surface completely.

Color over the marks with another dry-erase marker and then wipe it off with a soft cloth when it is still wet.
This is the best solution - often whiteboard markers will be hard to remove if left on too long (the definition of "too long" depends on the surface). This also works for those times when some idiot writes on the whiteboard with a permanent marker. And get some decent whiteboard markers - the cheap ones do not erase well and actually scratch plastic whiteboard surfaces.
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Related tip: From my years of ESL teaching experience, I've learned that if you accidently write on a whiteboard with a non-erasable marker, writing over that with an erasable marker will let you erase everything away.
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Or what Coffeemate said.
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it's probably ikea's markers and not the board itself that are the problem, they are garbage.
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I've had good luck with SoftScrub getting off whiteboard writing that in some cases had been there for over a year.
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Sorry to be repetitive but when I first was told of the trick Coffeemate suggest I thought it didn't make sense but it works like a charm. I would definitively try this first since it doesn't involve any extra chemicals.
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since it doesn't involve any extra chemicals.


Buddy, you ever read the ingredients list for that shit? It's nothing but chemicals! [shudder]
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Whiteboard: If it ain't porcelain-on-steel, its crap.
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