What is the encoder to use when playing purchased DVDs on win2000?
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I'm new to the wonderful world of DVDs, and am at a bit of a loss. A friend recently installed a PD dual format drive on my Win2000 machine, and successfully burned a test disc. However, when I go to play a purchased DVD, I receive an error message stating that I don't have a compatible encoder installed. I could choose and install one, but quite frankly, I'd be picking one at random. Help me out and suggest a good one? If more system info is needed, please just let me know...
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If you'd like to do at as close to "Windows native" as possible, find a copy of dvdpack.msi.
Personally, I use VLC for almost all of my media playback on Windows (including DVD).
posted by j.edwards at 12:36 PM on July 16, 2004

Thank you for the kindness, j.edwards - it's very much appreciated. VLC looks interesting, and I'll give it a try.
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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack has codecs which allow media player to handle DVDs. Also includes Real and QuickTime alternatives. Very cool.
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Let me second that k lite codec pack. I install that on all my fresh install of windows and never thrown anything at it it can't play.
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The K-lite codecs look impressive - I'm downloading them now. Thank you for the help!
posted by vers at 5:51 AM on July 17, 2004

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