Where to go?
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So I've got this new job and two weeks between finishing one job and starting the other. I'd like to travel for a week of those two, but to where?

I realize that that its kind of a vague question but here are my parameters. I gave my two weeks notice today, so Friday the 11th is my last day of work. I'm in New York and I'm really up for going anywhere (I've got a valid passport). I'd like to keep the trip in 1000-1500 or less range and I'd like to go internationally. I've traveled a bit (just to various parts of the US and Canada + England and a few parts of the Middle East), but certainly not extensively. I'd like to make definite plans soon, so lets hear what you all have to say.

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I would go to Brazil
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Montreal, baby! It's a cheap flight from NYC, gorgeous, and bristling with culture. Of course, you'll be coming in on the tail end of the worst winter in history, but that just means you'll be able to see a bunch of snow-crazed Quebecers at the end of their tether.
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lastminute.com is a great place to check for spur of the moment trips you can pick a general region of the world (South America for example) and get results for a number of destinations. I haven't ever booked through them, but I ocassionaly search the site and dream.
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I'd try Iceland. Great airfare/hotel deals here. Easy 4 hour flight. Book tickets here. This was going to be my winter trip this year, but didn't make it. It's got everything: natural beauty, thousand-year history, endless geothermal energy, and, oh, alcohol.
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If NYC, try going to Jetblue, Where We Fly, click on NYC/JFK, and see if the lines radiating outward connect to anywhere you'd like to go? Or pick any airline you've got miles with, etc. and do the same. Knowing who goes where, if you've got favorite carriers, can narrow things down. The weak dollar still does OK in the Caribbean, I would think.
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Thanks for the answers all.

I've actually been to Montreal a few times, and it is awesome, as you say, Sheperd, but I'm looking for someplace new. Also, I should've mentioned I'm looking for someplace not particularly freezing, as this endless wintery weather is killing me in ny.

However, Brazil sounds intriguing, which got me thinking about Colombia. Apparently there's been some resurgence in travel there, I think I read some article in the nyt about it a few months ago, but there are still some fairly ominious travel warnings up for the country.

Anyone know anything about traveling to Colombia?
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If you go to Brazil, you need a tourist visa. You must get it beforehand, for $130. You cannot get it at the airport. There probably isn't enough time to get avisa (if you only have 2 weeks)
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Scotland. Arrrrghhhh!
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You might take a road trip up into Canada. No visa needed and it is a beautiful country.
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Take a look on travelzoo.com I was able to get a last minute r/t flight to Barcelona on there for under $300 as an extra on a charter flight.
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Well, we just returned from a fantastic trip to Belize (no visa needed from the US)! This is the very end of the high season, so prices will be lower (not sure about airline prices, but Continental goes direct to Belize City from EWR). Go hike in the jungle, explore Mayan ruins and caves, and hang out on the beach, snorkel, etc. Everyone (locals and tourists alike) is friendly and it definitely feels exotic. Mefi mail me if you want more details.
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