Recovery key plz? (again)
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What key I need to hold down to access the recovery partition on my Sony Vaio?

So my Viao is corrupted and wont boot (again, god how I hate Vista and its shitty sleep/shutdown). I can fix it because this has happen 4 or 5 times now, but I can't for the live of my remember which key you have to hold to enter the recovery partition. I've tried F2 (bios), F8 (Vista recovery console) F10 (nothing), F8, Nothing, F6, Nothing and R, nothing. I need to get this started in the next hour if Im going to be able to take notes in my night class this week - help me hive mind!

Does anyone know what the right key is?
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On my Vaio, failure to boot presents me with an option to automatically fix boot problems or boot normally. If I choose to automatically fix problems, and it fails, it dumps me to the Vaio recovery center, which gives me an option to restore from the partition.
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It boots normally, fails to complete, drops to the vista recovery console and says that its trying to repair stratup files, gets done with that and asks to reboot, cycle repeats. It's done this beofre several times, I just want to restore to factory defaults- I have backups of all the files I need.
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I don't have my Vaio here at work with me, but I could have sworn it was just F10 at the Sony logo BIOS post screen. Which model do you have?
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SZ series.

I found the recovery disks so it's restoring now, but I didnt figure out the right key. I tried F10 but that didn't do it, may I didn't hold it enough or something?

Next time Im getting a mac.
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