IT Jobs in Costa Rica
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Looking for help with tech employment searches for jobs in Costa Rica.

I am looking to move to and live in Costa Rica. Specifically San Jose because that is generally where the tech stuff is to my understanding.

I'm having trouble finding anything online in the area of IT/Support jobs that are not just outsourced callcenter stuff. Has anyone been there/done that?

I'd love to work at an ISP datacenter/NOC or for a company doing IT stuff for their PCs, Phones and servers. The one thing I could find is an index of VoIP providers, which is a start- but I was hoping to find more of a for south america.

I found the site for costa rica jobs and would LOVE more of the same from other companies if its out there.

About Me :
Senior Network Engineer 4+ years at an ISP doing VoIP, colo, managed services. Computer engineering degree. Happy in linux, MS, or cisco. CCNA MSCE A+ certified.

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I believe there are more than a few online poker sites down there. Might be worth looking at, but then again, you might get arrested if you ever set foot in the US again.
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Most people I know who found jobs in Costa Rica did so through networking. There are Costa Rica YahooGroups and forums for expats, you should find them and start chatting with people. Also check the job ads in the Tico Times. The moving to Costa Rica books have sections on finding work, too. I don't remember URLs but you should be able to find these resources with a little searching.

Frankly, though, you're probably better off finding something you can do remotely or freelance than looking for a job in Costa Rica. That way you're earning at North American rates but spending at Costa Rica rates.
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