who does good haircuts for curly/wavy hair in toronto?
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who does good haircuts for curly/wavy hair in toronto?

i have short (4-6 in) curly/wavy hair. I want a funky unique cut. does anyone know of a toronto stylist who is great with curly hair and fun cuts? downtown, please.
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I wouldn't judge him by his web-design, but my girlfriend and her entire curly/wavy haired family swear by Michael Crispel's Earth Salon.
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Canadian Beauty is out of Toronto. The blogger has curly hair and she went here.

Full disclosure: I know the blogger personally but I have not gotten my hair cut at Chiggy's. Her review is here.
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I've heard great things about the Curl Ambassadors on Harbord east of Bathurst. I'm a curly-girl myself but keep my hair in a dykey cut short enough to not get a chance to curl.
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