What email service does your company use?
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What email service does your company use? The small company I work for (10 employees and growing quickly) uses GoDaddy now, primarily for historical reasons, and it's pretty terrible. Any recommendations for enterprise email services?
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Have you looked into Google Apps? You don't have to use all their services, just sign up for the email. I use it for my small office and it works well.
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We use appriver for hosted exchange and are generally pretty happy.
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I would highly recommend Google Apps, I use it to not have a generic email address and it comes with a suite of tools that is just excellent for the price of zero. If you need more than 6GB of space per email account, you can pay a nominal fee and it removes adds as well. It also gives you collaborative features like Google Docs, Calendar, customized start page, and the new Google Sites wiki service.

I previously used Fusemail (fusemail.com) which offered excellent reliability and was reasonably priced. But Google Apps is just so excellent and free, I have to recommend that.
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Response by poster: @aGee: We use Google Apps for a lot of work, but want to have something a little more professional than Gmail for emailnig.

@mrbugsentry: thanks for the tip; will look into it.
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Google Apps for your Domain allows you to register a domain for $10/year (or you can use one you already own) and have Gmail-hosted mail service for that domain. Your email addresses are fully customizable and manageable. Your users can access them through a Gmail interface or (IMAP or POP) client-side software. Your email recipients will never know you are using Google-hosted email, and your users need not either (if they use Outlook or similar). You really should look into it a little further. also, using the "@" sign to address specific users makes some people here go slightly insane, so you may want to avoid it.
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We use Mail Trust http://www.mailtrust.com/ at work. It's been great for us.
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more professional than Gmail

What do you mean? Gmail is professional enough for the US Navy.
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Response by poster: I hadn't looked at the business options at Google Apps, hence my misconception about their professional-ness. The price seems pretty right as well...
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If you need shared calendaring, mobile sync, and contacts, Zimbra, an open-source exchange-compatible mail server, is pretty nice.

You can get hosted Zimbra accounts from $3/employee per month. We're using 01.com and have been pretty happy with them. That said, we 1) all have phones that are built for exchange syncing, and 2) want to be able to scale to a large number of employees and self-host, so that's what has locked us into an exchange-type server, otherwise I would probably consider google apps.
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It's very, very, very, very easy to get branded email using google apps, meaing @yourdomain.com instead of @gmail.com, in fact--that's what gapps does. Then, you can download messages to outlook or thunderbird or your phone or w/e using POP or IMAP.

It doesn't get much more "professional" than infinite backups, amazing spam filtering, and low/no cost. Seriously.

I've got 4 sites right now all using gapps, and each one has its own branded email.
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We run (and host) Zimbra, it's quite nice. If you don't need Exchange integration or the account management features it offers it's probably overkill though.
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