From iPhoto to iView?
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How can I painlessly transfer photos and albums from iPhoto (`08) to iView Media Pro? So far it's proven more complex than I thought...

I have version 3.1.1 of iView Media Pro, and I'm running Leopard. iView has a very straightforward import from iPhoto, I can't figure out how to transfer my dozens of iPhoto "Event" albums. iView just dumps all photos together and ignores that they're in separate albums (events?). I want to keep all of those albums intact. I'd like to transfer the photos and ultimately delete my iPhoto library altogether, of course once my pics are in another location.
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Best answer: Will iView import albums? Then you could choose all the photos in each event by clicking in the event area in Photos view then going to file-> new album from selection. I have no idea if that will help you, though, and it would get tedious if you have a ton of events.
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Response by poster: MadamM, as far as I can tell, no. iView will only import the pictures themselves. I did import my iPhoto library, but it took photos from some 30-odd albums and jumbled them all together.
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Best answer: Hmm. Thats unfortunate; I thought maybe it was having problems dealing with the iPhoto "events", as separate from actual albums. Maybe they aren't separate at all; I don't really know how iPhoto organizes things beyond what I see in the program itself.
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