Penis curvature worth getting bent out of shape over?
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My penis curves laterally. Will this make penetrative sex difficult? Is there anything I should know?

I'm a virgin, and while it's not something that keeps me up at night, I'm curious whether the curvature of my member will cause me any problems in bed.

I don't recall any trauma, though I was circumcised at a late age. It's never caused me any pain, nor have I had any difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. It's had the same curvature as long as I can remember, so it doesn't appear to be getting more or less pronounced.

Here is a traced over picture, as viewed from above (you can imagine the hand as laying on a table with the camera immediately above it, the curvature being confined to a plane parallel to the table). Here is another. Googling yields terms like Peyronie's Disease, which seems to involve more abrupt kinks.

While I'm pretty sure it won't prevent intercourse, I'm wondering if it won't hinder matters. First hand experience (ahem) would be particularly appreciated.

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It's common. It won't hinder intercourse.
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That illustration too funny. Was posting this thread and the illustration just a clever way to brag about your girth?

That kind of curve is completely normal. A lot of them have the exact same curve. In fact, I once read that a penis curving upwards is more pleasurable for a woman because it can stimulate her G spot.
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I too, love the illustration (perhaps custom greeting cards are your future?) But seriously, you're very, very normal, and the curve is not an issue, you just have to find a position that you and your future partner(s) enjoy, as we all do, curve or no.
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Some replying in this thread seem to have missed the word laterally. As in: to the side, not up or down. [not original poster]
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As I've always understood it in crude conversation with the fellas most penises are curved in some way, and I've heard what HotPatatta mentioned about the G spot many times. Plus it looks like you're packin' a duraflame there, so don't worry.
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If you do mean "to the side", it shouldnt be a problem as far as penetrative sex is concerned. The only advice I would give is this:..... should the thrusting ever get extremely vigorous, be very careful about pulling out to far. Its possible (happened to me, when she was on top) if you pull out to far and then try thrusting back in quickly, that you will ram your penis into the womans pelvic bone, and that is VERY VERY PAINFUL. (I literally almost threw her off the bed, and its a king size).

Since you are a virgin,'ll take some experience to get good at judging a safe distance to thrust (differs slightly woman to woman of course)... just be cautious is all I'm saying. There is such a thing as "breaking" your penis... you DONT want that. (didnt happen to me luckily, but damn.. ouch)
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HotPatatta, he said that was a top view, so it's tilted to port, not tilted up.

That said, it's not an issue. Perhaps, at most, you might have to jockey your hips slightly to get Tab A lined up correctly with Slot B. Once it's in, you're golden in oh so many ways.

As phalene noted, once it's in there doing the old in-out, in-out it's going to bend all sorts of ways. If you google for sex mri, you can probably find mri pictures of people getting it on and see Mr. Wiggly going all ess-shaped.
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he said that was a top view, so it's tilted to port, not tilted up.

...but you can turn that into an upward tilt or downward tilt, as desired, by cleverly arranging the various people.
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If it makes you feel any better, most women are not curved inside exactly as an anatomy textbook would describe either. You and your penis will be fine.
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You'll be fine.
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You'll be fine.
And when you start having sex, remember that if it's awkward at first, a little difficult to get lined up or get the rhythm or whatever, that's just normal learning that every set of partners goes through. It's common that your partner may have to help guide you in with hands or careful wiggling; that's ok and doesn't mean you're doing it wrong or your body is problematic or anything of the sort. (I swear there was another AskMe about that issue but can't find it now.)
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My penis bends down. I worried excessively about the same thing... I thought that I would never, ever get to have sex like everyone else in the whole wide world. And I also worried that women would laugh at me because of the shape. Right up until the first girl saw me naked, and said " Wow, you have a beautiful cock."

Problem solved.
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Mod note: a few comments removed, please keep the OMG BLUE DICK comments to yourself if you don't have something helpful to add, thank you.
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A woman's va-jay-jay is meant to accommodate all kinds of shapes, sizes, and distortions. It's a flexible interior chamber that will most likely accept your member. Need some encouragement? See here. Resembles yours, and she (a woman of self-proclaimed experience) enjoyed herself quite a bit.
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You have a great cock. Relax.

The reason I know is, I've seen cocks before, and done all kindsa wacky stuff with them, and I am giving you an evaluation of the tracing you supplied. Character is a plus. I understand what lateral means. It looks good to go. Since you don't want to get a little complex over it, get cool with it as soon as humanly possible. I'm trying to encourage that. You've gotta park from a different starting point, but genitals are delightfully pliant and invested in the sexing process; you'll be happy with what you find. Relax, be gentle and everyone will do the same for you.
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In fact, I once read that a penis curving upwards is more pleasurable for a woman because it can stimulate her G spot.

I know this poster isn't bent in such a fashion, but I'd just like to offer one data point that the upward-curving penis is not always... preferred. I had a hell of a time being smacked in the cervix (painful and uncomfortable) with a partner who was bent this way. Not every combination of bodies will turn out to have a sub-optimal pairing with regard to a curved penis but it can happen.
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As a woman, I must say it has a very appealing shape and size. I quite enjoyed the pictures.

I wonder if it wouldn't actually be a bit beneficial to have that curve--I don't really like it when a penis bumps up against my cervix during intercourse. That can hurt. I think a curve to the penis might enable deep and satisfying thrusting, without bashing the cervix.
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You may be overestimating the rigidity of your penis or underestimating the elasticity of a woman's vagina. This isn't likely to be a problem at all. Every pair of partners has a little bit of a different fit; bodies get used to and accommodate one another. Everything's somewhat malleable. You're all set.
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I hope you're 18.

Don't worry about it. You're totally normal.
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Your penis is fine. Don't worry about your penis.

Your hand, however, is tiny.
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You'll be fine. It might be uncomfortable the first like five times. (You're breaking in your dick.) But, that's normal for a lot of people.
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First hand experience. Ex had this and I had no (repeat: no) complaints.
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Your penis will be fine and seems kinda jaunty, like a puppy putting it's head to one side and saying "hello?" Your arm, however, is freaking RED and that is scary shit.
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Your hand, however, is tiny...which may well make your partner more willing to let you fist her.
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