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What's a good hand car wash in Toronto?

In Ottawa, I used to go to to Tops Car Wash, where they'd prep the car by hand, send it through the tunnel for a wash, and then hand-dry, for about $20. I'd like to find something similar in Toronto for around the same price, either like that with the auto wash and hand prep/dry, or a full hand wash.

I don't want $100 detailing, and I don't want self-serve bays, just a good car wash. Google returns too many to know who's great and who uses dirty rags. Close to Dufferin/Dupont or Dufferin/Lawrence is best. Thanks!
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I know nothing of hand-wash car wash places, not being financially inclined that way, but I was going to suggest the one at Avenue Road and Lawrence, since I've driven past it for years.
However, after Googling it, it seems the people on this old Acura message board don't approve of it. They do suggest some alternatives.
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There is a hand-car wash on the Lakeshore around 10th street. I don't drive so I can't vouch for it, but i can tell you that it exists. The sign says $10.
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There's a great place . I think it's the one minute car wash, at 822 Church

Turn north on Church from Bloor street (best to come from the East).
It's on the left hand side, I believe near a donut shop. If you pass Bay, you've gone too far.

All the Yorkville yuppies go there. I took my car there before I sold it. They did a great job buffing out the dings. It look like a new car.
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There's a hand wash at Keele and St. Clair (Jet Kleen Coin Car Wash, at 611 Keele). I've never used it, but it stays fairly busy. They may also wash for you rather than have you do all the work: call them at 416-766-7510.
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I think there is a place on the south west side of King St. at Bathurst.
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