Smelly shoes
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Unwanted scent removal: I stepped in dog crap this morning on the way out to the car. I scraped off what I could, and hosed off the rest, but of course the scent is lingering, and driving me crazy in my cube. Does anyone know any easy, work-friendly ways to get rid of doggie-doo odor, or at least something I can do when I get home so it doesn't bug me again tomorrow?
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Can't help you with today, but for tomorrow, pick up a bottle of Nature's Miracle at any pet store on your way home from work.
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Fabreze is your odor magic bullet.
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baking soda and a stiff bristled brush....that's about all you can do for the physical remains.

Are you sure the odor is on your shoes and not in your head? Drink something hot and give your snout a good blow, that might get rid of if.

Google's adSense suggestion at the moment (the ads I'm seeing) say that you need a defibrillator. Shock to the system I suppose.
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Wasn't this a plotline in "Last Tango in Paris," only with cow dung?
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Don't leave home without some ExStink.
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For future reference, I've found stepping in sand before scraping the crap off the shoe works really well to help get it all off, and avoid the possibility of tracking it anywhere else.
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Rinse and rub your sole with mouthwash. Yup. It should work. What the fragrances in mouthwash don't cover up, the alcohol should kill. This is assuming you have a bathroom at work. Heheheh.

Otherwise, raid the cleaning closet for some Pine Sol or equivalent. :-)
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