What can I have done to my body after I die besides burial or cremation?
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When we die we are typically buried or burned. But it doesnt have to be that way I have heard about cryogenics, mummification, blasting into space. Where can I learn about the alternative options available for transition? (not me anytime soon).
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Don't forget LifeGem!
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Alkaline hydrolysis is the new kid on the disposal block. It's supposedly more eco-friendly than traditional methods (with the possible exception of Jewish burial, which doesn't involve embalming). Basically your tissues disolve away and your bones are then powdered in a giant metal tube.

Or you can do what I'm gonna do and have a space viking funeral.
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stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers has a chapter on human composting.

the book is a great read, by the way.
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I think LifeGem is neato. I can't help but suspect they just throw out the remains and give you a cheap gem, though.
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I'd prefer cryogenics, or composting.
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Transition is a strange word for disposal.
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There's also Eternal Reefs.
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Yes, I, too am curious about the use of the word "transition."
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I KNEW this would come in handy some day: check out Neil Gaiman's Cerements (Sandman #55). Scroll down to the last couple of quotes for the first two of the 5 major methods and go to the next page for the next 3.
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don't forget everyone's favorite - plastination.
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use of the word "transition."
When you die your body transitions to a new form or in some cases state of matter. Your soul transitions also, if you believe in a soul.

Thanks for the links. LifeGem looks cool.
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I intend to donate my body to my alma mater, the OSU School of Medicine - (not the college of medicine, but OSU as my alma mater). Something like that may work for you. I'm going to get something funny and/or offensive tattooed on my body before I die to amuse the med students.
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