Where can I pay to have my music on an online portfolio?
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Is there a website to submit your music portfolio for a fee in order for clients to be able to select from?

I am a musician that writes music for a lot of genres, and so far I have only had success with a site called Taxi which allows you to submit pieces for specific consideration. However, I know that visual artists have sites such as theispot which they pay to have their work shown online. It would be awesome if there were some sort of equivalent for musicians where you paid something like 500 dollars a year to have your music portfolio on a website which web designers, TV producers and video game developers could peruse to select music.

Does it exist?
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Try a google search on stock music or buyout library. There are many such sites for stock/production music. I've used several to obtain music for projects, but have never tried to submit works of my own, so I can't really speak to the financial arrangements.
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not exactly it, but check out the epks at sonicbids and their common clients.
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