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Faux-Beatlefilter: There are two Beatles tribute/impersonator related questions that I have been unable to find answers to thus far. One deals with remembering the title of a certain CD; the other, tracking down a documentary. More is inside.

(1) Several years back I almost bought a Beatles-related CD that I've now forgotten the name of. The bits I do remember: George Martin (Maybe not?) assembled a group of the best 'soundalikes' for each of the Beatles, had them learn an album's worth of Lennon / McCartney compositions that were written for other people and never put to tape, and then recorded the whole mess on vintage gear at Abbey Road. I've always regretted passing it up the one time I saw it for sale, simply because I'm curious as to how closely they came to replicating the sound.

(2) In the last year or so I was directed to a website for a forthcoming documentary film which followed a Beatles 'Tribute' band around on their adventures. My best googling has come up with an episode of a program on the discovery channel, but not the documentary site I remember.

Metafilter, I turn to you.
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Perhaps you're thinking of "In My Life", which was the last record George Martin engineered and produced. It's a compilation of mostly Lennon's songs done by people like Jeff Beck, Goldie Hawn, Phil Collins, John Williams, etc. I haven't heard it myself, but in an interview George says some of the arrangements follow the original while others change radically. I'd love to hear Jim Carrey's version of "I am the Walrus".
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the last record George Martin engineered and produced

Did I miss some news? I sure hope I'm only reading too much into that statement.
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Wikipedia delivers as usual. (No, he's not dead according to Wikipedia; I assume he's just not producing beatles-related records anymore.)

The album can be found on edonkey by the way. It sounds interesting, I'm downloading it now (which is perfectly legal here in holland, so mentioning this won't get matt in trouble (not that it'd be likely anyway)).
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Cranberry Sauce.

He says his hearing isn't so good anymore and also he's been making records for 48(!) years. So this was his final record before retiring.
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Response by poster: I'll definately be checking out 'In My Life,' but that's not what I was looking for. Accountless AskMe browser Chris writes:

The CD you seek is 'Lost Songs.'
...the reviews are universally terrible, so we'll see. Now, about that documentary...
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If anyone wants to buy In My Life, I'll happily sell my copy for $8+shipping...
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If the documentary isn't out yet, then I guess it's not BeatleMania: The Movie, although the idea is similar.
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the last record George Martin engineered and produced

Did I miss some news? I sure hope I'm only reading too much into that statement.

Martin has basically gone deaf on one ear, so he can't work with sterio recordings any longer. However, I have an interview around here somewhere connected to the Anthology project where he makes a joke about being able to work with the old mono Beatles tapes without a problem.

Beatles fans might also be interested in this recent news.

God, I wish Matt could fix the spell check. I miss it so....
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