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Looking for the name of two movies from the 70's-80's. Creepy bloated undead lady. Friendly worm-dog creature.

I'm trying to remember the names of two movies, both made between 1970-1990. I believe they were both made in the US.

The first is a horror, comedy, or perhaps both. Cheaply made.
A man buries a woman (in his front yard?) and she comes back dead and bloated. I believe the first shot of her is from the dining room table (the man is under the table and she pops her head under and laughs? he freaks out).

The second one may be a fantasy'ish movie. This one should be easy.
All I remember is two men outside climbing some giant plant stalk (could be wrong about what they were climbing), and there was a (friendly?) worm-dog creature.
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The Never Ending Story for the worm dog movie?
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Could the second one be House II: The Second Story? It was a lot sillier than the original, and there was a catepillar-puppy creature.

Trailer for it can be found here: and I think it shows that giant plant stalk you were talking about
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I think the first might be one of the "House" movies.
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Response by poster: Wow, they're both House and House 2.
Creepy dead lady

I'll have to rent them both tomorrow. Thanks guys!
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I fail.
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Wild, I actually knew these were House. I was just talking about how George Wendt and Richard Mol were in these (the first one?) to a friend who's never seen them.
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