Creating/exporting midi files on OS X
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I'm looking for a free application for OS X that will let me create and export midi files.

Ideally, I wouldn't need a midi keyboard to do this, but rather be able to either play on my laptop keyboard or arrange it via mouse. My goal is to create midi files that can then be imported in Reason on a friend's computer. I've searched on google, but part of the problem is that I'm not sure what to call what I'm looking for. This seems like it should be fairly simple. So any advice or recommendations for such a program?
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Midiswing is very simple, but might do the job depending on the level of complexity of your project.
I also know of an AU plug in for Garage Band (midio), but I haven't used it
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What you want is a sequencer. It looks like freebies are few and far between - or they're pattern-based, not real-time.
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What's wrong with GarageBand?
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You could use Canorus, which appears to run on OS X, though you'll have to compile it from source.

If you're comfortable using Darwin Ports you can use the combination of Denemo and LilyPond.
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Well, you could use Reason's step sequencer, and/or it's channel sequencer. (Sorry, I know that's not a great answer, but I can't believe garageband won't export midi patterns!)

Also, I suspect ardour may do this, but I don't know if it has an onscreen keyboard thingy.
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There's also the excellent Reaper. There's a preview OSX build available on a link from the main page.
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