How to reset my keyboard?
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What is the super-secret combination to reset a Logitech wireless keyboard?

A while ago, I was having trouble getting my Logitech MX3000 wireless keyboard to connect - first it started acting up (strange input) and then it just disconnected.

I tried all the stock advice - the ususal "press the red button on the receiver, then press the red button on the keyboard..."; and also the "remove the batteries/flail on keys/discharge the capacitors" blah blah, the keyboard still wouldn't connect.

Then I found a reference to a mysterious key combination that reset the keyboard, and it worked perfectly immediately thereafter. However, I neglected to save the link, and now cannot find it for the life of me. Anyone?
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Maybe it's in the manual?
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Ahh, actually—is this key combo, to enable/disable secure mode, the one you remember?
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You could also hit ctrl-alt-del and kill the keyboard's software, SetPoint.exe, apparently, and then restart it by finding it in the Logitech folder under Program Files (C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint.exe). That might help.

Of course, to do that, you'd have to have an extra working keyboard and mouse, which sort of defeats the purpose.
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Response by poster: I don't actually run setpoint, as it is freakishly bloated. (I just use the keyboard functionality as-is, plug-n'-play, when it comes out of the box).

I didn't think that the Ctrl-Alt-F12 combo was it, since, I don't run setpoint, and it talks about how it activates the "Secure Mode Wizard."

But somehow it does seem familiar, so maybe it is something that works independently of setpoint, as well. I will try it when I get to the computer/keyboard in question.
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Response by poster: Hmm. The more I read the Logitech posts, the more I think that you have hit it. I had talked myself out of it, because of the references to Setpoint and Secure Mode Wizard, but I think now those may be secondary.

I'll let you know!
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