It seems like it might be one of those important moments..
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Where can I watch the Barack Obama speech from this morning online in its entirety? linked to, which has, as far as I can tell, only snippets. I'd really like to see the whole thing. Unfortunately, I can't watch it on youtube (if it's there) because that's currently blocked here in China. Any other sources? Audio would be okay, video even better. I'd really like to see it. I'd download a torrent, even.
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Transcript- video link at the bottom
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Not sure if this is the full version, but here's a starting point:
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Transcript- video link at the bottom

Not to be pedantic, but the link is actually near the top. At least of of this timestamp.
Or here.
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as of, dammit
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I should have placed this bit of info more prominently, but I can't view youtube, I'm in Beijing and is blocked in mainland China currently.

Also, the link loads up for me, but there's just a blank white spot where the video should go. Perhaps this is also due to the connection in China being blocked. Argh.
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Oh, I found an audio feed at Thanks for the links, this is probably the best I'm gonna get.
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bluejayk, you may be able to view the video on Raw Story unless that site is blocked as well. Live Leak should have it later. Also see if you can't download anonymouse, that's what I've used in China. Additionally, I have asked a question here that has answers which might help you.
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For future reference, the YouTube user BarackObamadotcom is Obama's "official" account. They're pretty good about uploading Obama's videos quickly.
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Full video also available here.
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Damn, that's quite a speech. Wait for the Ashley anecdote near the end and then tell me what's wrong with politics as usual.
posted by Rain Man at 12:32 PM on March 18, 2008 has a Media section which includes a video page. Look there.
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just in case, the link to the video on obama's site:
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