Fun stuff near Mitsuwa Chicago
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Fun stuff in Arlington Heights, IL near Mitsuwa?

I'm probably taking a trip to Chicago this weekend, and Mitsuwa Chicago is one of our destinations (since the New Jersey location is pretty great). Any recommendations for other fun things around there? I know that the NJ store has a booth-karaoke place and a Japanese used book store right down the street, so I don't know if Arlington Heights has the same sort of major Japanese minority.

That, and just general fun things around there. My girlfriend and I like Japan-ish stuff (we actually met there, while both doing a study-abroad to the same university in Osaka), but other cool stuff around there is also welcome.

I'd ask if there's a good arcade in the area, but from what I've been hearing, The Great Odyssey Brunswick Zone Naperville has gone from being awesome about eight years ago when I lived there to being awful nowadays.

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For an arcade try Dave and Buster's in Addison. It's even closer than Naperville anyway.

FWIW, Mistsuwa is only 10 minutes from an IKEA and Woodfield Mall.
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Chicago Indoor Racing is fun! About 10 min from Arlington Heights. Not cheap, though. (I figured video game fans might enjoy this, too, but who knows!)
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Response by poster: ooh, that sounds fun. I've also heard about Whirlyball, if anyone knows anything about that.
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Woodfield Mall has Sanrio Gift Gate.

There's a Gameworks at Streets of Woodfield (a strip mall near the massive Woodfield Mall), but I haven't been there in 6 years, so I don't know how it has held up.
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Gameworks would be what you would want to fill your arcade jones; it's about a mile or two west of Mitsuwa.
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FYI: Mitsuwa no longer has the dance dance booths or karaoke (or we couldn't find them when we were there a few weeks ago.) The market is big and nice, and has a great food court. There's a fantastically large book store that also sells CDs, but I thought Mitsuwa was better when we found it four years ago. From what AskMe recommended, the Japanese toy shop that sold movies and games, etc. has moved across the street, but the review on Yelp from last week was awfully negative.

I'm not suggesting that you NOT go. I heart Mitsuwa myself. I just think it was better before.
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Oh, and if you're doing the city thing, Rotofugi is supposedly awesomtacular.
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Todai buffet is in nearby Schaumburg.
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^ugh, no. You'll be much better off eating at the food court in Mitsuwa.

And Rotofugi is awesome.. it's like Chicago's Giant Robot/Super 7.
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