Paint for Macintosh?
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Is there a program that is free or shareware that works like Paint....except for Macintosh?

I like Paint and I want to use something easy like it on photographs for fun. I tried Paintbrush but it isn't really like Paint enough.
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I recommend "gimpshop", the version of gimp that mirrors the photoshop menu structure.

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Seashore is a good point in between Paintbrush and Gimp.
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For your purposes, Skitch would be absolutely perfect. It's designed for marking up photos and screenshots. As zsazsa said, Seashore is also very nice.
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Seconding Seashore, it's a GIMP offshoot I think, really pared down and easy to use. In my experience it roughly mirrors the functionality of Paint.NET for windows - i.e. it does everything that Paint does, and some of the lower-level functionality of Photoshop et al such as layers and clone-stamping.
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Acorn is very good, but it's not cheap.
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Artrage is really fun, does all the stuff that Paint does and adds on some extra nifty artsy perks. Caveat, however: I have the really old first Artrage though from when it was just freeware and I see that now you have to pay for the full edition. They still have a free version though; might well be worth a try.
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Tuxpaint has a windows and mac version (in addition to the original linux version)
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GraphicConverter, not free ($40) but very good.
posted by doctor_negative at 10:19 AM on March 18, 2008 --">Pixen, perhaps?

(quoting that page)

Pixen is an innovative graphics editor for the Mac. It's designed from top to bottom for pixel artists—people who make low-resolution raster art like the sprites you see in old video games. But it's great for artists of all arenas: Pixen is like a very powerful MSPaint or a simpler, more agile Photoshop. And best of all, it's Free!
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Ok - I totally gooned that link ..... Pixen.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I will try these recommendations out!
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