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HostingFilter: I need to move two web properties, two active domains, and some parked domains, and I'd like to it to be as economical as possible.

I'm on Dreamhost, and besides the billing debacle (for me the issue wasn't that there was a debacle, it's the attitude - it's just not what I consider to be acceptable), there have been other issues - and it isn't the presence of issues I have a problem with, it's the attitude and tone of the response to the issues I can't accept.

I have two sites
Two domains with active email
Four domains that are parked or redirects
and a partridge in a pear tree.

One of the sites is Expression Engine and that's moving to Engine Hosting, because the Ellis Labs folks were completely stand-up when I had a problem with the site and DH was pointing fingers at my CMS. But it's going to mean I incur a more significant cost than just moving it to Whatever Webhost. I'm fine with that because of the support and the importance of this site to my career.

2) I have a MT site on its own domain. I got this domain years ago with the intention of it being 'my' domain, but with DH mail issues, I had to give that up. I'd like to reclaim that again.

However, I don't want to have to worry about care and feeding of the site, and care less about playing around with code to configure it like I used to. So I'd like it to live somewhere like Wordpress or Squarespace, but 1) with WP I can't have email*, and 2) with Squarespace I still have to find an email solution.

*I considered Google Apps for Your Domain to handle email but the horror stories and lack of support are a risk I consider to be unacceptable at this point.

I also need to get domains off GoDaddy.

To summarize:
1) Thoughts on hosting on WP or Squarespace with your own domain.
1a) I am platform agnostic, as long as I can import from MT with small loss of functionality, so any other platforms recommendations would be welcomed. That said, I haven't enjoyed MT and think TypePad is overpriced, and I Drupal and Mambo are NOT options because they will require too much work from me.

2) Email hosting options that are reputable and economical.

2a) Any thoughts on email hosting with Google Apps (not the free version, the commercial version).

3) I need to get my domains OFF GoDaddy and DH. Would like recommends on that, someone economical and reputable and whose control panel doesn't give you a migraine.

Thanks if you read through this and have anything to offer. Enjoy the day.
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If you've got a MT (I'm assuming you mean MediaTemple) account you're already paying for, why not just move all the domains over to that? Their webmail solution is amongst the best I've seen, and they obviously do IMAP and POP3.

They've got WordPress as a one-click installation now, so that fits that requirement too.

I've never heard a bad word against Gandi as a domain registrar-- but then again, I've not heard a bad word about MT with regards to moving/editing/transfering domains.
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I think MT stands for Moveable Type in this case.
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2: I'm currently using Google Apps even though I have email hosting along with my webhosting.. I love it... It's better for me than regular email.

3: I use and I love them :) One awesome thing about them is that their DNS updates very, very fast.. With GoDaddy or GKG I'd wait like a day but with namecheap it's usually less than an hour.
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Oh, in that case-- may I suggest Media Temple :)
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1. Squarespace is cool, but more expensive ultimately than I think is particularly worthwhile. (I do like free things, or nearly free things, a lot, though.) I vetted it at one point, signed up for an account to poke around, and abandoned when I realized how much it would actually cost. If you have more cash to spend, it may well prove worthwhile—looks like its templating is really intuitive.

1a. Dunno.

2. Dunno, but...

2a. I use Google Apps—the free version—for my email. I like, so I'm guessing the commercial version would be similarly excellent. (Out of curiosity, why do you want to use the commercial version—for a business site?) I switched over because my former email (still my domain) host,, adheres to proper email standards, and thus bounces some email with incorrect headers. [[shrugs]] I respect NFS for maintaining strict standards, but I'd also like to get all my email, even from non-standards-savvy friends.

3. I've kept my domain registered through GoDaddy—no real problems there, super-cheap—but I remain, as noted above, hosted by Their system is pay-as-you-go, and they're completely transparent. Really intuitive interface, too. No monthly fee. I'd definitely suggest checking them out.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all who have answered.

I want the commercial version of Google Apps so I have some claim for tech support when my email tanks. Free, you have Google Groups as your tech support.

You're right - in this case MT was Moveable Type. I've heard great things about Media Temple but they seem a little pricey for what I need. I wouldn't move my Expression Engine site there because I am willing to pay more (and get the discounted full EE license) at Engine Hosting for the level of support I'll get.

However, the one-click WP installation may make it worth looking into for the second site. I just am not sure I need to configure another CMS ever, ever again, which is why I found Squarespace remarkably refreshing. OTOH, I had found a template I liked for WP so it may be worth pursuing it.

The alternate registrars/email hosts are also appreciated.
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I've had hosting accounts at various providers for over ten years. I can recommend my current host (BlueHost) as well as LiquidWeb and MediaTemple.

My company,, has been offering the free version of Google Apps integrated into our registrations for nearly a year. We have very few problems with this set up. But, if you're interested in an inexpensive registrar with a clean interface you could do a heck of a lot worse!

Best of luck.
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