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Asking for a friend ... I need recommendations for a web hosting provider who handles listservs as well as website hosting. I’m the administrator for a professional association which has a WordPress website and a group email list.

The WordPress website is nothing fancy, just a few static pages and some password-protected content for members.

The email list is just as important as the website. Unfortunately, our listserv has been getting attacked by a run-of-the-mill From forgery. The spam is getting properly rejected by the listserv mechanism, but lately it has also been automatically unsubscribing valid list members. It appears that the listserv software thinks that the member is sending spam, and then automatically and immediately unsubscribes that member from the list.

Our contract is expiring mid-November and I want to switch providers.

So here’s what I need:
1. A provider who can host a website built on WordPress
2. A provider who lets the site administrator (or provider rep) turn off the spam unsubscribe feature on listserv engine, or at the very least also fires an email to the admin, not just the subscriber, when this auto unsubscribe has happened.
3. Advice on dealing with the problem in general.

I should say, I'm pretty much done attempting to fix it with the old provider. They are not listening, and every communications back-and-forth with them on this one problem gets handled by a new person, resulting in no continuity and no progress. So thanks but no thanks on troubleshooting the original provider. I’ll trash them on CNET later!
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A Small Orange
I suggest you contact them and run-through your needs with the rep.
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What listserv software are you using? Mailman? Majordomo? Google Groups? Sounds like the spam problem is with the software, not with the hosting.
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Best answer: seems to be on top of this. A Wordpress site is no problem at all, and the spam/listserv features are on Mailman and managed on a separate server (but still part of your domain). Here's info on their Mailman hosting -- they are also very good at answering questions and have good support - free phone support during business hours!

Previous post about their excellent environmental credentials. main page.

They are super competent, nice, and have been in business a long time (so, unlike a newer company, you don't have to worry so much that they only have a shallow understanding of the needs of serious users, or that their business model is somehow flawed and they'll only be in business for a short time).
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I'm the person who posted the original question (forgot I had done it with a different MeFi account.)

Thanks for the input. I approached both A Small Orange and Pair. Each responded quickly and appeared to understand what I needed from them. I ended up going with Pair and they have been GREAT. Every interaction is competently and politely handled.

Deluxe for Business aka can kiss my shiny metal a**.
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Follow-up: It's three months later and I'm thrilled with Pair's service. Any issues I've had are responded to courteously, competently, and quickly. Our website was hacked and they had it back up the next day. I want to send them a gift basket.
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