Doggy diaper ointment?
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How can I help my freshly groomed (cut and bath) dog with her itchiness and inflammation around her privates?

The groomer bathed and shaved her down all over yesterday. So, there's always a bit of itching afterward. But, this time, it's worse and she's really focusing on rear scratching behaviors, or more specifically rubbing her privates all over the berber carpet. While I'm sure that's really relieving itch-wise, her privates are now red, swollen, and rashy.

How can I help her through these first few days of extreme irritation?

- spayed, yes.
- worms, no.
- anal glands, done.
- sensitive skin, yes.
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Ask the groomer for advice. Was a new product used that caused the irritation?
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Best answer: At the kennel I managed for 3 years our groomer would suggest gold bond in the green can. The irritation was razor burn, the skin there can be very sensitive. She always did her best to prevent it but the dog sometimes had wiggly other ideas. Gold bond in the green can tastes bitter but is non toxic. Mostly you want the dog to leave it alone and let the skin settle down. We used that stuff successfully for hot spots too. Bonus! it makes them smell minty fresh. IANAV (I am not a vet)
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This should not happen, the odd bit of razor burn is one thing, but this sounds like it might be something more (sounds like it could be anal gland related, perhaps - not all groomers are good/careful about emptying anal glands). I would call the groomer and if they don't give you any useful information, I would go to the vet (if your dog has been to the vet recently, and your vet offers it, just book an appointment with the technician, it will be less expensive for you). Most groomers should only express anal glands externally, your dog may need to have them expressed internally, which has to be done by a vet or veterinary technician.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses, so far.
Biscotti, I really don't believe it's anal glands. She wasn't itchy prior to grooming and there's no redness near her anus.
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Response by poster: Is Benadryl safe and appropriate for her overall mild itchiness? Aside from the issue that prompted my post, she does still have her normal mild itchiness.
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Something you might try are those "doggie diapers" they sell at Petco and similar places. If you could get her to wear one, that might keep her from licking/chewing/rubbing the irritated area and give it a chance to heal.
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I was going to suggest gold bond as well. I don't think there's anything in it that could harm the dog if she was to lick it up.
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I use this soothing spray (scroll down halfway) for my dog's itchy days. It's all natural, which makes me feel better about the possibility of him licking it.
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