Meeting Singles in NYC
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What is the Best NYC Locations to Meet Singles?

I'm single 26, college educated guy, I have no issues or any strange body parts growing out places they shouldn't be. And yet still for the life of me I cannot find a date? All the clubs I used to hit when I was in college have turned to crap and I'm not really a bar person, but I do like lounges. It seems that every time I go to one club or another, most of the girls even worth looking at are there with their boyfriends. So what are good spots for SINGLES like myself in 2008?

My other question is, how does one approach a girl who's dancing next to you? I mean yes attractive model-looking guys have no problem just grinding up against these girls, but what about an average Joe like me?
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Friend, you're in New York City. There are single people every-goddamn-where. So ask yourself the more important question - what KIND of single women would you like to meet?

For bookish, english major types, go to readings, independent bookstores, or cafes in Williamsburg.

For finance bankers and other high-flying career women, go to lovely and low-key after-work lounges in east midtown or wall street.

For actors and dancers, go to post-show hangouts in the theater district on a Sunday night.

I could go on. But, really, try to narrow down the kind of person you're interested in meeting. What interests you? What intrigues you? Go do that; you'll meet women.
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And unlike real estate, I don't think dating is all about "location, location, location". You could go to a sold-out football stadium and not have anything in common with the people there if you despise football. If you're looking to meet people you have things in common with, go places that you will like where there will be other people liking the thing you like.
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Yea, I get that advice a lot too that you just need to hang out more at places where you like doing stuff so you can meet someone who you have something in common with, but I totally agree with you that around here it seems like most of the time the people you feel like chatting up look like they're there with their significant other or you sort of feel a bit like a creepy inteloper interrupting someone's fun night out with friends. I don't know, for me at least it seems hard spotting people around here that seem available. Then again, I'm not very forward so you're definition of how someone looks "available" might differ from mine. However, I don't totally poo-poo the advice to keep hanging out at places you enjoy hanging out because at the least it's a good filter. I mean hell, if you're at Toy Tokyo buying a button-operated Astroboy keychain and you spot someone over at the next aisle buying a Mazinger Z figure, you gotta have something in common right?

I'm gonna say there isn't a definite place where you're more guaranteed to pick up single people, its more important to keep your eyes peeled and be vigilant. And it goes without saying that it's pointless if you're going to spot girls you're interested in, then not follow through. Follow the good advice of the MTA: If you see something, say something. Like in the above example, you can say, "Hey, do you like Mazinger Z? Do you have the limited edition gold one?" or something. Whatever. The point is there's more chances for you to start conversations with people you are possibly interested in if you're at a place you're comfortable or doing something you're interested in.
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For those who dont live here, it's hard to fathom that NYC might be hard to meet people, but everyone tends to be so head-down-don't-bother-me-you-psycho that connecting with new folks can be a challenge compared to elsewhere.

Beyond the whole 'go to places you like where there might be other people who enjoy what you like' thing, I met the (awesome) girl I'm seeing via posting an ad on Craigslist. Crazy, I know!
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